Concept, Startup, Launch!

Concept, Startup, Launch! Over the past several months I have become the sounding board for many dreamers in the crypto community.  It’s inspiring to see the enthusiasm, and hear these innovative ideas come gushing out of these would-be startup founders.  The problem is, seldom do these ideas ever actually get put to paper, startups founded…

Element coin logo

Interview with one of the founders and creators of Element Coin Zlatko Pesic

  Interview With Element Coin Brings BIG NEWS to Crypto Element Coin is doing something a little unique and uncharted.  They are looking to develop an online game called Supremacy Online and the in-game cryptocurrency Element Coin to power it.  They’ve spent a lot of time building a strong developer team, in-depth plans for execution along…

Unite Crypto to Seek Office and Lobby the Government

Unite Crypto to Seek Office and Lobby the Government


The fastest way to gain mainstream adoption for cryptocurrency is through public office.  At present there are a few pathways to seek this adoption from within the community at large.  The major one is the so-called “grassroots” campaign which is an organized and targeted blitz on a specific business for the sole purpose of them “announcing” that they “accept” Bitcoin.  Commercial marketing is a logical technique to try, but a potential adopter will not be able to learn enough in a commercial or marketing ploy to see the value in it or the blockchain itself. There are numerous startups trying to solve the barrier to accept problems, and intuitive adoption for individuals, but currently little headway is being made toward any sort of large scale success.  The success of cryptocurrency within the United States will depend almost entirely on it’s about to do two things.  Lobby effectively, and have Cryptocurrency evangelist elected into offices at all levels.